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CEU Tasting Society

The purpose of the CEU Tasting Society is to give members of the CEU community a unique opportunity to taste high quality teas in a friendly atmosphere and share their passion for tea with other people. For our tasting sessions, we especially try to select rare types of tea that one could not easily purchase in Austria. The society is open to everyone interested in exploring so far uncharted territories of the world of tea through collective tasting of interesting tea samples.

The society meets regularly on Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm in the 4th Floor C-D Student Lounge of the Vienna Campus..

At each meeting, we focus on a specific type of tea and taste two teas of the given type. Afterwards, we share our impressions of the tasted teas by discussing their tastes and flavours.

If you want to join our mailing list, have any question about the society or think that you have an interesting tea sample that you would like to share with other people, please, contact

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